COVID – 19 (Coronavirus) Prevention Policy

The safety and health of our patients, staff and community are our number one priority.    Due to the recent Coronavirus Pandemic, we have upgraded our existing meticulous disease prevention policy.   Below is a summary of our policy: 

  1. All staff and doctors record daily temperatures before entering the office.    Staff is to stay home with any illnesses no matter how mild the symptoms.   These temperatures are logged daily at our front desk.
  2. Signage outside the office warms anyone from coming in that may be ill or experiencing flu like symptoms.  They are told to call from outside to reschedule.  
  3. EVERYONE (patients and staff) must wear masks while in the office. 
  4. Everyone must wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer after every patient encounter in addition to periodic washing. 
  5. Patients must use our hand sanitizer upon entry and exit from our office. 
  6. Patients Do Not wait in the Waiting Room, they area brought directly to the treatment rooms while keeping a 6-foot social distance.   
  7. Patent appointment times are sensibly spaced to allow for social distancing. 
  8. Valet Service:  we encourage all patients to call us from their car upon arrival.   We will notify them when they can enter the office.   This avoids any waiting in the office and allows for social distancing.   We will also call patients ahead of their appointment times in the event we are running a bit behind.   They will remain in the car, until we are ready.        
  9. Telehealth:  we have telehealth appointments available for those at very high risk.
  10. We only use EPA registered disinfectants (that kill coronavirus) as well as other germs.   (these products are listed at our front desk with EPA info and contact time recorded)
  11. The Treatment rooms are cleaned entirely (all contact areas including the doorknobs) after each patient visit with the appropriate cleaning agents and disinfectants using the recommended contact time.  The Restrooms rooms are cleaned after each patient with the appropriate agents.  The Front desk (including the credit card machine) and Waiting area (if used at all) is cleaned after every patient visit with the appropriate disinfectant.  The entire office is thoroughly cleaned again every morning before start of the day.  

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this difficult time.   We also are thankful to you for your efforts in preventing the spread of this dreadful virus.

Please Stay Safe and let us know if you have any questions.